In DRAMAX we are grateful for the many nominations received for the India Catalina and TV y Novelas Awards for 2014. At the TV y Novelas Awards, voted by the readers of the magazine, we are nominated in 6 categories that include: Favorite Series, Favorite Actress in a Series (Julieth Restrepo and Laura Londoño), Favorite Actor in a Series (Roberto Cano), Favorite Director for a Soap Opera or Series (Jorge Alí Triana and Rodrigo Triana) and Favorite Scriptwriter for a Soap Opera or Series (Verónica Triana, Pedro Rozo, Leopoldo Venegas and Fabio Rubiano).

At the India Catalina Awards, which are chosen by votes of the industry members from Colombian television, we received 10 nominations, including: Best Series, Best Series Director (Jorge Alí Triana and Rodrigo Triana), Best Adapted Literary Work or Libretto for a Soap Opera, Series or Miniseries (Verónica Triana, Pedro Rozo, Leopoldo Venegas and Fabio Rubiano), Outstanding Lead Actor in a Series (Salvador del Solar), Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Soap Opera or Series (Julieth Restrepo), Best Villain in a Soap Opera, Series or Miniseries (Luis Velasco), Best Soundtrack for a Soap Opera or Series (Alejandro Ramírez Rojas, performed by the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia), Best Photography for a Series (Raúl Granada and Andrés Gutiérrez ), Best Art Design for a Series (Angélica Perea), and Best Editing for a Series (Gabriel González).

Congratulations to all the nominees and thanks to the professional team that was part of this great production. See you at the awards!

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