DRAMAX is proud to be part of the team of producers of the new Sergio Cabrera movie, “Todos Se Van” (Everybody Leaves), that started filming this week in Santa Marta, Colombia. The movie, defined by its producer Ramón Jimeno as “a hymn to freedom and a confrontation to authority,” is based on the book by the same name from the Cuban writer Wendy Guerra, and it is coproduced with Jimeno Acevedo & Asociados, Amigos del Cine, A 4 Manos, E-nnova and Silvia Jardim.

“Todos Se Van” tells the story of Nieve, an 8-year-old Cuban girl who becomes involved in the struggle of her parents to get her custody. Eva, Nieve’s mother, is an artist who believes in the revolution without censorship or authoritarianism, and remarried to Dan, a Swede who works in the construction of a nuclear plant. Manuel, Nieve’s father, is a playwright who sacrifices himself to write pamphleteer theater in a remote area of Cuba.

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