Comando Élite

A series produced for RCN channel inspired in “Objetivo 4” by Germán Castro Caycedo.

Tells the story of the special operations executed by the secret police working alongside the Colombian army to find and put on custody the last decade Colombia´s most notorious criminals: Martín Sombra, known for taking care of the political hostages, Los Mellizos, accused for pretending to be paramilitary soldiers in the reinsertion process of the Justice and Peace law, El Paisa, head of the FARC guerilla, responsible for multiple kidnappings and murders, Don Mario, lider of the most powerful and high armed criminal organization in Colombia responsible for the largest international drug trades. Also achieved to capture other criminals like El Armero, Cuchillo and El Mono Jojoy.

“Comando élite” does not focus on violence, but it presents the brave job and the human quality of the police that manage to capture these powerful criminals that sometimes seem invincible.

Production date: 2013
Service: Development, production and post production
Client: RCN Channel
Episodes: Eighty episodes (80)
Episode duration: 45 minutes each
Directors: Jorge Alí Triana and Rodrigo Triana
Screenplay: Jorge Alí Triana, Verónica Triana, Pedro Miguel Rozo, Fabio Rubiano and Leopoldo Vanegas
Genre: Action-Historical
Awards: India Catalina to Best edition and Best adapted script

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