Do you believe there is a life after sign out? This is what Desconectados tries to tell in this story. A RTVC play series (RTVC´s Streaming platform).

Desconectados talks about different matters that directly affect the young ones in a digital environment. This series shows how our main characters take bad decisions in the internet and how these decisions take them to the deepest places of the web.

Felipe Maldonado, a 27-year-old young man, seems to have everything: he is about to graduate, is in a relationship with the girl of his dreams and being a young entrepreneur. However, his success has come with a high cost: he must maintain a secret life hidden from his followers in a dark side that nobody has never seen.

Production date: 2017
Service: On demand production (preproduction, production and postproduction)
Client: RTVC-Señal Colombia
Episodes: Ten episodes (10)
Episode duration: 25 minutes each
Directors: Jorge Alí Triana and Daniel Moure
Screenplay: Liliana Guzmán and Andrés Huertas
Genre: Juvenile

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