Divos y Divas

Together with the “Fábrica de Teatro Popular” we innovate with four digital shows for business platforms such as COMPENSAR where four Divos and Divas talk about their intimate life through dances, songs and performances. A cozy and immersive show where the viewer can access these four shows through our digital platform “Ciudad Teatro”.
Our four Divos and Divas are honored through this wonderful show. Famous actors and singers such as Santiago Alarcón, Jorge Enrique Abello, Shaira and Chichila Navia. In addition, the show had the support and participation of 4 dancers, 10 supporting actors, a musical band and 25 people and companies who provided their services to make this show a reality.

Production date: 2020
Service: Compensar
Client: Compensar
Episodes: Four (4) episodes
Episode duration: 40 minutes each
Director:  Dario Silva.
Screenplay: Erik Leyton Arias
Genre: Espectáculo digital

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