Jorge Alí Triana has been elected jury for the Latin theater festival of monologues

With all expectations exceeded, the International Online Festival of Latin Theater Monologues / FIT Monologues in its first edition called on new and established authors to present their dramatic texts. So far a considerable number of works have been received; however, the call remains open until June 30.

The jury is made up of renowned figures from Latin theater such as Jorge Alí Triana, Ana María Simon, Henry Godinez, Miguel Ferrari, Diana Peñalver, Juan José Martín, Teresa Hernando, Juan Sebastián Aragón, Luz Nicolás and Ramón Camín. The vote of the audience will be considered as one more jury at the time of the election of the winners.

It is an international call. There are two categories: Professionals (actors and directors with experience from 5 years old, with monologues between 30 and 60 minutes long) and New generation (actors and directors who have recently graduated from the University, specialized in theater, with monologues between 20 and 40 minutes long).

The first prize for the Professional category consists of $ 1,000; US $ 600 for the second, and US $ 400, for the third. While for New Generation there is a single prize of US $ 500.

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