From books to Television, The adaptation of books by Germán Castro Caycedo

Germán Castro Caycedo is a literary reference for the country and likewise, he has been a very important source of inspiration for our production company. “For years, Germán Castro Caycedo has collected and narrated in a wonderful way the history of Colombia of the last 50 years”, affirmed our founder Jorge Alí Triana. Inspired by real events, he creates non-fiction narratives about issues that have marked Colombia, telling it in an intelligent and entertaining way for readers.

At Dramax we have had the opportunity to work inspired by two of his books. The first, “objective 4” adapted to the Comando Elite series (2013) for the RCN channel and more recently, the book “A Dark Truth” adapted for the same channel and which will be called “Hidden Truth” (2020). Inspired by his books and taking care of the author’s rigor when creating dramaturgy, we have developed these series to inform and entertain Colombians.

Germán Castro Caycedo, Jorge Alí Triana and Rodrigo Triana, conducted a short and interesting interview about how the process of bringing Germán’s books to television has been, we invite you to see it by clicking on this link.

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