The Trianas, the team behind Dramax and their creative work

Since an idea arrives at Dramax’s work table, Jorge Alí Triana’s film, theater and television company and his sons Rodrigo and Verónica, can spend, wrongly counted, two years for it to become reality.

This team knows that the times are like this and that work involves a lot of talking, talking, reviewing, watching, re-watching, selling, analyzing, determining how to tell a story and even recording it (in the case of film and TV) , make adjustments along the way.

And a new ‘son’ of Dramax has already been born and launches on July 1st. It’s called ‘Hidden Truth’ and it’s a series that will broadcast RCN at 10 pm. m., the eighth for television of the production company.

From this house, which was born 10 years ago, television projects have come out such as ‘Elite Command’, ‘The light of my eyes’, ‘Everything is ready,’, ‘Disconnected’, ‘Córdova, a general named Arrojo’; ‘That unforgettable first time’ and ‘Reporter X’. For theater, ‘Pantaleón and the visiters’,’ So 100 years pass’ and ‘The colonel has no one to write to him’, and for cinema, ‘When Colombia became Macondo’ (available on RTVC Play) and ‘Todos se van ‘, adaptation of the novel by Cuban Wendy Guerra.

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