Verdad oculta arrives at the ideal moment to refresh the screen: Verónica Triana from Dramax

Hidden Truth, RCN’s series produced by Dramax, premiered last Wednesday, July 1 at 10pm, registering 8.72 ratings.

Verónica Triana, writer and producer of Hidden Truth, commented to PRODU that this series comes at an ideal time to refresh the Colombian screen. “We wanted to place a lot of emphasis on the protagonist Diana Manrique, played by Verónica Orozco, showing her conflicts as a 40-year-old woman, where a large part of her life has been on missions and now her family demands time with them.”

“This series is based on the book by Germán Castro Caycedo, A Dark Truth, about a reality that we have lived through for several years, such as illegal mining, money laundering, corruption, among other cases.”

Hidden Truth was adapted and written for a year and the original design of the story was led by Verónica Triana and Pedro Miguel Rozo, accompanied by the team of writers Gerardo Pinzón, Javier Giraldo, Oliver Elder and Karen Rodríguez. In addition, it was executive produced by Óscar Guarín.

“The main challenge was to talk about sensitive issues in a way that we could generate reflection and not apologize for violence. Build characters from the human side to understand their conflicts and needs ”adds Triana.

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