“With private television, the great products in the country disappeared”

"With private television, the great products in the country disappeared"

Jorge Alí and Rodrigo Triana celebrate 10 years of having created Dramax and the Life and Work of Mincultura award to the head of the family.

Mentioning the name of Jorge Alí Triana is talking about the past, present and future of the visual arts in Colombia. His name has been there almost always. Since he founded the Popular Theater of Bogotá or as director in the golden years of national television, between 1980 and 2000, until now. The sins of Inés de Hinojosa, Bolívar, the man of difficulties and Maten al león, to speak only of the small screen, are three examples. In the cinema Oedipus Alcalde or Time to die (both with scripts by Gabriel García Márquez) are films that showed the way to the great Colombian filmmakers of today like Ciro Guerra. In fact, this tour was recently recognized by the Ministry of Culture when it was awarded the 2020 National Life and Work Award, together with the pianist and teacher Teresita Gómez.

10 years ago Jorge Alí created the Dramax production company with his children, Rodrigo and Verónica. Between the three of them they are doing very interesting things, such as the hidden truth series, based on the novel by Germán Castro Caycedo, A Dark Truth. However, as he and his son affirm, the best is yet to come.

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